artistic integrity has always been my priority. I guard my recipes closely and limit the scope of my process in order to protect my work and spirit. Thank you for respecting my privacy!

My endeavors with natural dye have always been very personal and introspective. It is my sacred time bonding with plants and its therapeutic for my spirit.

That being said, I will share some of the materials I enjoy working with and the general time involved with my processes:

scouring takes one day, I often do whole bundles of fibers together of varying styles

Mordanting can be an additional 3-5 day process depending on plants and modifiers I am choosing to work with.

Dyeing can be 1-14 days of process. Spectrums take up to 2 weeks to ensure my yellow dyes are light and wash fast. 

Curing dyes takes 1-3 days of sun and/or dry weather. After my pieces are completed I expose my work to the sun to ensure their vibrancy. Some plants prove to become brighter by sunlight and I want to give those pieces ample time to develop, before making it available to the public. 

Washing and Drying fibers in my studio is done like normal laundry. This is to ensure my clients that the fabric has already been tested by a rigorous wash. By the time I have done my final wash and dry, the piece has already been exposed to 180 degree + heat a minimum of 3 times through the fiber preparation and dye process.

I wash medium and dry medium to hot depending on which type of fiber I'm working with.

Plants I often work with, in my garden, zone (9b), and source intentionally-- some plants are considered invasive or unwanted, many are from our land:

Cochineal, Madder, Cosmos, Sourgrass, Rhexia, Marigold, Black Knight Scabiosa, Indigo, Muscadine Grape, Pignut Hickory, Oak galls, Oak leaf, Sumac, Pomegranate, Bitter Orange, Pokeberry, Goldenrod, Myrobalan, Weld, and Buckthorn Berry. 

Fabric and Fibers

Metamorphosis Silk, silk crepe, silk chiffon, raw silk noil. Sheep Wool. Hemp Silk Charmeuse, Organic Cotton, Organic Cotton Hemp Lycra, Bamboo, Bamboo Rayon, Organic Cotton Gauze.